Diploma In Pharmacy D.Pharm is a two-year diploma programme that prepares students for careers in the pharmaceutical industry. D.Pharm is appropriate for students interested in pursuing a long-term career in the medical sector of pharmaceutical sciences, beginning with entry-level positions. Currently, we are serving 60 seats of D. Pharm in our college but we tend to increase the seats to 120 seats so that candidates who are looking for making career in medical sector can live their dreams. Fees Structure -  D.Pharm : 45000/-  per year    Eligibility criteria Eligibility for admission Every effort is undertaken at Avadh College of Pharmacy to make the >>Read More

Bachelors in pharmacy Bachelor of Pharmacy or B.Pharm is a 4 years undergraduate degree that teaches students about drug synthesis, dosage formulation, analyzing the chemical nature and preclinical testing of new drugs. Apart from the technical aspects of pharmacy, B Pharm also talks about marketing of pharmaceutical products and patenting of new drugs. Right now, we are serving 60 seats of B.Pharm in our college but we tend to increase the seats to 100 seats so that much more students can get benefits and live up to the name of being pharmacist. Fees Structure -  B.Pharm : 63,300/- per year    Eligibility criteria Eligibility for admission Every effo >>Read More
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Established in 2018, Avadh College of Pharmacy is committed to delivering high-quality education in the pharmacy domain. As part of the QF Educational Society, our focus is on creating a supportive, secure, and easily accessible learning environment, facilitated by cutting-edge information technology and a team of experienced faculty members.

Avadh College of Pharmacy holds approval from the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), New Delhi. It is affiliated with the Board of Technical Education (BTE), U.P., and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU), Lucknow. For inquiries, please reach out to AKTU Registrar Mrs. Reena Singh (IAS) via email at registrar@aktu.ac.in and phone no +915222336805, please reach out to PCI-  Registrar Mr Anil Mittal  via email at registrar@pci.nic.in, please reach out to BTE  Registrar Smt Sushma thakur via email at secretarybte@gmail.com and phone no 915222630243 

The pharmacy field presents vast opportunities for dream pursuit. Currently, we offer two programs: a Bachelor's in Pharmacy and a Diploma in Pharmacy, catering to students aspiring for professional education in medicine and healthcare.


Avadh College of Pharmacy provides best educational environment with dedicated faculty and deliver a dream to be among the best in the field of pharmaceutical sciences through high quality education & research, to create quality professionals for the various field of pharmacy like manufacturing, marketing, research and development, hospital, education, and other health care systems to serve the humanity and nation.


To educate others throughout the world with each student's outstanding existence and make them intellectual role models.

To foster in students a feeling of self-assurance, self-respect, and steadfast dedication, as well as long-term wisdom and awareness.


To fully realize human potential and to incorporate moral principles into education and to instil in the younger generation a sense of independence and the realization of a higher self.

To innovate education by reorganizing classes and implementing cutting-edge teaching and learning strategies that focus on comprehensive personality development

Any applicant admitted to the college must follow the college's rules and regulations, as well as any adjustments made to them from time to time. As a result, no exceptions will be possible.

Every student must carry/bear his/her identity card while on the campus.

Students should be regular and punctual in classes, extracurricular/co-curricular activities from the start to the end of the semester.

When attending college, students must adhere to the campus dress code.

Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner and maintain decorum in the college.

Approved By - PCI, AKTU, BTE